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Our modern fleet meets all technical demands, contributing substantially in this way to ensuring reliability, punctuality, flexibility and safety:

All our mega-trailers are roller-bed equipped and most are even equipped with drive train. This is an essential factor which helps ensure safety during loading and unloading processes – so they are quick, reliable and require minimum personnel!

You can choose from flatbed vehicles with a tarp and box vehicles or opt for an expandable rear portal for engine transports. This along with the height- and width-adjustability of the vehicles makes for flexibility which allows us to handle transports of almost any format to and from quite unusual locations.

Temperature-controlled vehicles:
We transport sensitive goods reliably in box vehicles at temperatures ranging from -30 to +30 ° C.

Swap body vehicles:
Flatbed vehicles with a tarp and box vehicles facilitate flexible handling of transports – and thus a reduction of time and costs for you!

Small vehicles:
Besides trucks, our fleet includes pick-ups with hoisting platform. This makes loading and unloading a time- and personnel-saving process. Our vehicles are equipped with GPS, which safeguards against burglary and offers comprehensive information on the vehicle’s position, enabling flexible positioning of the fleet. We place great value on fast and reliable transport of your freight!